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Begin Your Journey to THE WELL with True Gonstead Chiropractors in Los Angeles

At The Well Chiropractic in West Los Angeles, we're dedicated to providing you with high-quality, personalized Gonstead Chiropractic care for optimal results.

We Do Things Differently to Get You the Best Results

Comprehensive Consultation

The Gonstead analysis, discuss your concern, health history, and hands-on exam.

X-Ray Results

Full Spine X-Rays

If necessary, we will take a full spine x-rays to analyze your spine and rule out any pathologies.

Gonstead Adjustment

One of the most specific and effective disc level adjustment.

Jumping on Box

Rehabilitative Exercise

Specific rehabilitative exercise for spinal stabilization can help your body stay in balance and in health.

We Love Tackling Tough Cases

Our office specializes in helping patients who have not found relief through conventional Western medicine, other therapies, or chiropractic treatments.


Many of our patients travel from different states to experience our unique approach and achieve great results that they were unable to find elsewhere. We are confident that we can help you too, providing safe and lasting results and relief that will improve your overall health and wellness.


NOT Your Traditional Chiropractor

Please don’t expect any traditional chiropractic office here.

NO heating pad, NO electrical stimulation therapy, NO "rack and crack” treatment style.

Rather, we use ONLY the Gonstead Chiropractic, which goes beyond a traditional chiropractic assessment.

Every patient has different needs and gets different treatments depending on those needs.

Our comprehensive approach aims to identify the root cause of your problem, providing lasting results and relief.

Watch Our Difference

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Are you ready to regain your quality of life? 

We provide patient-centered treatment, ensuring you receive the highest quality care and achieve optimal results.

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